About Us


Who We Are

The Tree Life exists to inspire and advocate for environmentally sustainable, natural death care through communion and certification. Our vision is to ensure universal access to environmentally sustainable death care while unifying families and communities by preserving our cities, and ultimately, our planet using our products made of Mycelium and Mycelium with Cannabis. 


Through the company’s brand, we have come to introduce a unique service, the Tree of Life Ceremony. The service entails the eco-friendly option of burial, which is based on trees. Apart from the obvious preservation of memories of departed loved ones, the trees serve as a means of accelerated decomposition and eradication of toxic emissions into the environment through burials and other funeral processes. There is an increasing awareness about the impact of human activities on the environment.  


The Tree Life is the beginning of true environmental responsibility by understanding and accepting our cycle of life. We minimize the impact our deaths/disposed bodied have on the environment for the benefit of our future generations while concurrently contributing to the reforestation of this earth. By doing so, we will succeed in our ultimate goal of reducing fossil fuels and creating a healthier environment, while preserving local wildlife through the sanctuary.