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Our Mission

Celebrate Life 



To provide a loving, dignified, affordable, eco-friendly and natural alternative to assist our loved ones in transitioning to the after life, while also providing a growing symbol of their loved one and presence in the form of a living tree to ensure universal access to environmentally sustainable death care while unifying families and communities by preserving our cities, and ultimately, our planet.



Foundation Tree of Life is first in its class, to create a tribute in honor of those that have passed by planting and registering a beautiful tree in one of our locations (which we recommend), or in your very own backyard. We also provide a charming mobile vase that can be transported at any time. This life will allow you to continue the connection for many years to come.


Foundation Tree of Life also creates a memorial event which assists in the transformation and celebration of the life after life in every passing. Our team of professionals will perform this tribute, giving you peace of mine that your loved one’s body, will be given back to earth in an eco-friendly, sustainable, clean, loving and affordable way. Having these trees be living monuments to those loved ones

How Does it Work?

How it works
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